Thursday, November 02, 2006

Teaching math skills and the need to avoid the man

Wherein it's a quick and fun party game that would probably get your child kicked out of school

Grass: avoid the heat and build the largest stash. Here's the first three rules of play:
  1. Remove the following cards from the deck: (5)Stonehigh, (1)Euphoria, (2) Lust conquers al, (2) Grab a snack, (2) Catch a buzz, (4) Sold out, (3) double crossed, (1)Utterly wiped out, (4) Steal your neighbor's pot, (1) Banker.
  2. Shuffle the remainder of the deck thoroughly and deal: Dealer begins with player to his left, deals six cards to each player. Place the remaining cards face down in a pile, called the Grass Stack.
  3. Examine your hand. The objective of the game is to put down as many Peddle cards (cards with dollar amounts on them) with as high a total as you can.

    Before you can place Peddle cards down on the table (creating your Stash) you must have a Market Open card to begin with (which creates your Hassle Pile when played in front of you).

    Player to the dealer's left beings by drawing a card from the Grass Stack and playing a card (if he has a Market Open card -- played in front to begin his Hassle Pile) or discarding into the wasted Pile (next to the Grass Stack).


Blogger XWL said...

I have that game.

It's fun.

Reminds me of Milles Borne

(no further comments on this topic forthcoming)

11/03/2006 03:26:00 AM  

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