Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Always thought she was a better singer than Madonna

Wherein I feel her involvement with Madonna derailed an interesting career or least caused her to play up the clownish aspect of it

Sandra Bernhard: Interesting actor and she never quite got the credit she deserved for her singing. I recall her first album, I'm Your Woman, being straight forward and serious. Her second, Without You I'm Nothing, is an uneven recording of her one woman stage show. Many of the bits just drag on and on and on. But it is saved by her last two tracks (once you skip over the intro BS): The Lion Sleeps Tonight and then my favorite cover of Little Red Corvette. After that, I stopped paying attention. Based on the second youtube clip I think I'll have to find at least one more of her albums.

From Martin Scorsese's greatest film (and Jerry Lewis' greatest performance):

Just found this pretty good song from her 1998 album:

Embedding is disabled, but she appears (appears, doesn't perform) in this sketch from The Richard Pryor Show. She's "Snow White." This is a show that needs a DVD release. And here it is!


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