Monday, October 16, 2006

Your sports injury of the week

Wherein the worst injury I suffered as a goalie was a partially separated shoulder. Then there's the cleats I took to the knee that did something to the fluid so walking sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies. The time I blew out the ligaments in my ankle I was just playing sweeper

Chelsea loses two goalkeepers during Saturday's game. Petr Cech suffered a skull fracture and after surgery is expected to be out at least six months. Carlo Cudicini only had a concussion and swallowed his tongue. He hopes to return for this Saturday's game. Of course there's video.

Here's a 5-minute cut from the coverage. From this it sounds like the ref is rushing Cech off the field. He's in a bit of hot water for his actions.

Let's watch a couple shorter clips. The first is 30 seconds and shows Cech sliding out to his right to collect a through ball. Hunt, from Reading, comes in a little late and looks to go over the top. Doesn't look too bad.

Next is s 7-second clip that shows Hunt dropping his knee and crushing Cech's cranium. My gut reaction is that it wasn't intentional, but no one ever looks innocent in slow motion replay.

The Cudicini clip is 1:58. This one looks much worse than the Cech injury -- he is clearly unconscious. Starting about 47 seconds in, you get two clear replays. Ouch.


Blogger Adriana henry said...

I hope Petr would be back soon in the team as team is missing the best goalkeeper and the crowd was also not happy at the injury but it is a game after all and anything can happen but the risk can be minimized if the teams have a skilled and professional physiotherapist with them.

5/24/2015 03:00:00 PM  
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