Monday, November 13, 2006

Important carousel news

Wherein is that a pole stuck up that horse's ass?

St. Augustine Carousel Damaged in Crash:
The St. Augustine Police Department tells First Coast News Michael Tiner crashed his jeep into the carousel in Davenport Park around 2:30 Friday morning.

...Soules explained the carousel was purchased by his brother Gerard, who was a famous circus performer.

Two weeks after Gerard bought the carousel he was murdered in Las Vegas. Soules says the carousel is tribute to his brother who loved kids.

Soules says despite the fact four horses on the carousel are damaged, he plans on getting the landmark back up and running within a week. Soules says, at first glance, he doesn't think the carousel was knocked off its axis. Soules tells us the carousel is not insured.

Davenport Park is located at San Marco and San Carlos Streets.

The community has rallied around Soules. The owner of Mystic Bean Coffee Company on West King Street hurried and created a coffee blend he named "Save the Carousel". Five dollars of every bag sold will go to carousel repairs.

Also, people came from all over St. Augustine and the First Coast to give small, heartfelt donations to Soules.



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