Friday, November 10, 2006

Jane Austen is sending me SPAM

Jane Austen is sending me SPAM
Wherein I think I'll change my name to Pasquil Lock. Yeah, that sounds cool. Should I add an "e" to the end?

Pasage penny novice point
both. i will only say farther that from what passed that evening, my opinion of all parties was
claim an acquaintance with you-mr. bingley and his sisters."
but the attention of every lady was soon caught by a young man, whom they had never seen
"and then when you go away, you may leave one or two of my sisters behind you; and i dare say
"this is not to be borne. miss bennet, i insist on being satisfied. has he, has my nephew, made
darcy made no answer, and seemed desirous of changing the subject. at that moment, sir
"fitzwilliam darcy"
elizabeth disdained the appearance of noticing this civil reflection, but its meaning did not
always pleaded for allowances, and urged the possibility of mistakes-but by everybody else mr. darcy
aught of civility to his ordinary style?-for i dare not hope," he continued in a lower and more serious
"i am the less surprised at what has happened," replied sir william, "from that knowledge of
"if i," said mr. collin!
s, "were so fortunate as to be able to sing, i should have great pleasure, i
"yes, she called yesterday with her father. what an agreeable man sir william is, mr. bingley,
believing that neither her virtue nor her understanding would preserve her from falling an easy prey.
by lydia's situation, hastily exclaimed, "i beg your pardon, but i must leave you. i must find mr.
"i assure you, madam," he replied, "that she does not need such advice. she practises very

Naked-eye Pasquil lock
"i cannot see that london has any great advantage over the country, for my part, except the
but i hope you will not mind it: it is all for jane's sake, you know; and there is no occasion for talking
congratulations will then flow in! i appeal to mr. darcy:-but let me not interrupt you, sir. you will not
"no, my dear, you had better go on horseback, because it seems likely to rain; and then you must
"you are quite a visit in my debt, mr. bingley," she added, "for when you went to town last
"yes, my youngest is not sixteen. perhaps she is full young to be much in company. but really,
bingley, i always keep servants that can do their own work; my daughters are brought up very
but nothing to give him any alarm. i am so grieved for him! his behaviour was attentive and kind to
consider his addressing him without introduction as an impertinent freedom, rather than a compliment
appearance created a great deal of surprise. that she should have walked three !
miles so early in the
"aye, that is just like your formality and discretion. you thought the waiter must not hear, as if
darcy. there was now an interest, however, in believing the housekeeper; and they soon became
collins readily assented, and a book was produced; but, on beholding it (for everything announced it to
as far as she could trace it, with delight. as they passed into other rooms these objects were taking
darcy's regard."
"i dare say you will find him very agreeable."


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