Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Notice of programming update

Wherein I thought it best to post a warning for fear I might cause whiplash with the sudden change

Now that the current political season has ended, it is time for a change. For too many months this blog has wallowed in pointless myopia concerning obscure policies, voting minutiae, and parsed candidate statements.

No more. I need a break. You need a break. This doesn't mean that serious issues will be ignored, just an acknowledgement that a breath of fresh air is needed. So I will set aside the dissection of Big Issues so many of you have come to expect and search for the mundane and inconsequential.

I know this switch will be painful for many of you; for this, I do not apologize. And if you insist on not accepting my nonapology, then away with you. Feel free to continue partisan sniping at such pernicious sites as Go Fug Yourself or the odious Cool Tools. Those, and many others, will continue to depict the ugly world of politics and societal division. You will not be missed and we will speak unkindly behind your back. See? The petty divisiveness is hard to break.

For those staying with me -- Welcome! I'm not sure where this new journey will take us, or what we will find, all I know is that we won't be taking a GPS to find our way back. To quote (or paraphrase, I really don't remember) someone I hope is a wise person, "Where ever we go, there we are."

If you need to pee, better go now. I'm not stopping this blog every hour for your convenience. Or incontinence.


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