Thursday, November 09, 2006

From talk radio

Wherein I've never understood how Sean Hannity became so popular. He's always been nothing but Limbaugh-lite, but without a sense of humor and being even more of a Republican party suckup (I've never found Limbaugh to have a sense of humor, but have heard so from enough people I respect that I figure it's a matter of taste). When he was just a local hack in Atlanta he regularly had his ass kicked up and down the dial by Boortz. The fact I have suffer through a couple minutes of Hannity to get the afternoon traffic report gives me an ulcer.

I've always enjoyed listening to Neal Boortz. Part of it is that he's been on radio long enough to know it's all about entertainment and he's usually at his best when he's being a contratrian ass. He is more likely to call Democrats evil than Republicans, but differs enough from the conservative party line to get HI-larious hate mail.

Why Neal Boortz cost the Republicans the election. Nice to know, there are people who spellcheck their email less than I do.

Then he points out some common ground between Pelosi and Bush. Here's one:
More government spending. Through the first 6 years of his presidency, President Bush has proved time and time again that the solution to all of society's ills is more government spending. In fact, he has spent so much money and expanded government so fast, his presidency is rivaled only by FDR's New Deal.


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