Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Time is it?

Wherein or what day is it

Inspired by this. From the So Quoted collection. At least that part of the collection in iTunes.

Blue Monday, Dr. John
Come Monday, Jimmy Buffett
I Don't Like Mondays, Tori Amos or Boomtown Rats
Monday Will Never Be the Same, Willie Wisely Trio
Stormy Monday Blues, Diane Schur

None. The iTMS has 448 song titles with Tuesday. That's too many to scroll through. However, if I was turning this post into a mix CD, I'd probably go with the double day combination of When You're a Tuesday Girl, by The Tuesdays.

Wednesday's Child, EmilĂ­ana Torrini

None. iTMS has 263 songs with Thursday. Ooh, Greg Brown has Holy Thursday as does Jah Wobble. I enjoy both the folkie Iowan and the guy from PiL and have albums from both. That's not exactly true; the only Greg Brown I have is Prudence Johnson's Songs of Greg Brown and what I have from Jah Wobble are 12" 45s from the darkest depths of the 1980s. The Jah Wobble track is from something called The Inspiration of William Blake [iTunes]
A review:
With this latest album, Stepney's most eccentric and talented son joins a worthy list of musos. Britten, Jagger and Morrison have all found inspiration in the poetry and vision of William Blake. The dark, sensuous spirituality of Blake's verse provides a wealth of mystery and imagery for Wobble's febrile mind. The former PiL bass-player creates rich and rhythmic soundscapes, wrapping them around Blake's words to evoke the freshness of childhood wonder that the poet so passionately valued. Wobble's East End intonation is remarkably effective in its clarity and directness, investing such familiar pieces as 'Tyger Tyger' with renewed vibrancy and resonance. It would be easy to dismiss this as just another artistic whim, but to do so would be to close yet another door to perception

I'll probably have to get this.

Black Friday Rule, Flogging Molly
Friday's Child, Lisa Stansfield

Livingston saturday Night, Jimmy Buffett
On a Saturday Night, Eddie Floyd
On Saturday Afternoons in 1963, Rickie Lee Jones
Saturday Night, The Blue Nile
Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man, Jimmy Liggins
Saturday Sun, Nick Drake
Saturdays, Cut Copy
Sunless Saturday, Fishbone

A Sunday Kind of Love, Harp-Tones
Sunday, Cranberries
Sunday, Nick Drake
Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2
Sunday Jealous, Nick Charles


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