Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas morning conversations

Wherein other than that it was a great day

At 4am:
Wife: Was that thunder?
Husband, getting out of bed and looking out the window: Don't think so, it isn't even raining.

At 9am:
Husband, pouring a glass of water from the kitchen sink: Hey, there's a limb down on the patio! It looks big.
Wife, sticking her head out the back door: No, it's an entire tree.
Husband and Wife: Crap.

At 9:05am:
Insurance company: A claims adjuster will call you tomorrow.

Wind knocked over a neighbor's tree. It was just long enough to rip off the gutters. Looks like it didn't damage the roof or the side of the house. Somehow missed poking through the kitchen window. If the tree had been 5-10 feet taller, we'd be getting estimates on rebuilding the kitchen.

Oh well, we were probably going to replace the gutters this year any way, so I guess January is as good a time as any.


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