Monday, December 18, 2006

"You have absolutely no boundaries do you?"

Wherein boo frick'n hoo, find something serious to complain about

Two and a Half Men. Leans towards lewd and crude, but occasionally very witty and well-written. The Christmas episode isn't one of the better ones, however it does have a couple of scenes worth watching. Predictable stick-in-the-mud, Donald Wildmon, wasn't amused. Not sure what he was doing watching the show in the first place. Here's the Christian Post story:
"CBS approved Sheen's adaptation of the favorite Christmas carol, making it into a vulgar sex song," said Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman of AFA, in a statement. "The network and sponsors paid Sheen to mock Christ, Christmas and Christians. Many in the Christian community are growing tired of this bigotry by the networks and Hollywood."

Lighting candles in preparation for his Christmas date, Sheen sang: "Joy to the world, I’m getting laid; I’m getting laid tonight. We’ll light the yule log, deck the halls, and then we’ll play some jingle balls. It’s been a real long wait – this is our second date! It’s Christmas Eve and I’m getting laid.”

That's pretty much that character's dramatic arc each week, does it really matter that one week out of the year is set to Christmas carols?

Thankfully, some kind soul has posted the entire episode on Youtube. It's in three parts. My favorite part would have to be when Candy tries to sing Christmas carols. Pure comedy (and nonoffensive, to boot). Skip to about the halfway point of the second part.
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