Monday, June 25, 2007

"Illogical? "Pathetic,” “confusing” and “hypocritical”

Wherein concerning the excommunication issue, to quote from a novel I'll review later where this tactic was used for a different issue: "Americans don't like to be told what to do by foreigners."

Giuliani, religion, and politics.

How about normal. Sometimes, oftentimes, life is complicated. To repeat, holding differing, even opposing viewpoints, is how we (at least the mentally healthy ones) get through the day. In fact, I don't see the big deal in saying "I'm personally against X and while I'd persuade others from participating in X I don't see where this is government's business." I'd find that attitude admirable in a politician.

If you graph your views and opinions on an X/Y plot and it's a straight line instead of some sort of scatter plot, you are lying or deranged; either way, untrustworthy...or maybe just too simpleminded to talk to. If Giuliani were running for Pope his views might be illogical and hypocritical. Since he isn't and he lives in a country where we allow (however decreasingly) people to make their own choices, there is no contradiction.

All of which I find kinda funny concerning Giuliani because one of my misgivings about him is what I see as an autocratic reflex to wield an intrusive government.


Blogger XWL said...

The press treats Republicans the way Margaret Mead treated Pacific Islanders.

A group for study, somewhat exotic, and mostly ignorant and inferior (though with a few worthy traits).

Press impressions of the four main GOP candidates and the underlying thought processes that lead to the articles written about each.

With Rudy, 'oh, they can't vote for him, he's not a fundanutter like the rest of the GOP, let's remind them of that every chance we get'

With Mitt, 'oh, he's a Mormon, let's remind those fundanutters that they used to hate those sacred undewear wearing freaks'

With Fred, 'oh, he's from Hollywood and has a younger, buxom, blonde wife, that ought to be enough to end their love affair with him'

With McCain, 'he's the only Republican running we like (even though he's wrong on the war), why don't they like him as much as we do?'

6/25/2007 10:38:00 PM  

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