Thursday, August 30, 2007

Richard Jewell

Wherein he always seemed like a lost person just trying to find a place to fit in

From WSB Radio:
Despite settling several libel lawsuits out of court with major news organizations, Richard Jewell did not die a wealthy man.
In a 2006 interview with the Associated Press, Jewell said he was able to use some of the money to buy his elderly mother a home. But he said nearly 75 percent of the money went to pay attorney fees and taxes.

Comment from the Reason Hit&Run blog post:
Holy shit! The AJC spends half of Jewell's obituary crowing about how they didn't have to pay him for publishing an anonymous smear. "Don't blame us, we're just stenographers!"

I guess they were too lazy to drive out and piss on his grave.

From AJC obituary:
After he was cleared, Jewell sued the AJC and other media outlets for libel, arguing that their reports defamed him. Several news organizations settled, including NBC and CNN.

The Journal-Constitution did not settle. The newspaper has contended that at the time it published its reports Jewell was a suspect, so the articles were accurate. The newspaper also has asserted that it was not reckless or malicious in its reports regarding Jewell. Much of Jewell's case was dismissed last year. One claim, based on reports about a 911 call, is pending trial.

However, Jewell's death Wednesday "is not a day to consider lawsuits, rather a day to pay respect," said John Mellott, AJC publisher.

"Richard Jewell was a hero, as we all came to learn," Mellott said. "The story of how Mr. Jewell moved from a suspect in the Centennial Park bombing to recognition as a security guard who averted a greater tragedy is one The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported fully even as it defended itself in a libel suit brought by him."


Blogger Pastor_Jeff said...

It just came to me this morning -- Richard Jewell is Earl Williams from His Gal Friday.

Great film, btw.

9/06/2007 09:54:00 AM  

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