Thursday, November 01, 2007

For the record

Wherein this counts as "lame" for quality of blog content

Thingthrowers are discussing the only football game I'll purposely watch, this year. My only comment on the game:
I don't much care for football and even I am looking forward to this game.

Mostly due to Gregg Easterbrook's increasingly annoying hatred of both the Patriots and satellite tv, I hope the Patriots win by 70 and a DirectTV executive kicks Easterbrook in the balls.

Satellite tv deserves a defense, but time is short. I still have that Gingrich thing hanging over my head. For now I can just tell you that we love the DISH, love the service we get from independent contractors, that we lose DISH service less often than we ever did with cable, and if we couldn't get satellite TV I'd go without television before I ever again deal with any of the assholes for any cable company.


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