Friday, June 27, 2008

Because The Wife is out of the country and The Child is at a sleepover

Wherein but it wasn't a total waste

Went to Dad's Garage last night. Usually a reliable source for entertainment. Though it should be noted we don't go nearly as often as we once did and recognize few of the names in the playbill.

Well, that was a wasted $17. Probably the worst show I've seen at Dad's. While a number of the songs were well done, the surrounding plot didn't do much and the vulgarity was just vulgar without a purpose. Basically, for what it was trying to do, it just wasn't over the top enough: it needed more gore and the humor needed to be more offensive (rather than just lowest common denominator insulting). A couple of exceptions: Z Gillispie strutting about the stage as Harry Hardman was fucking awesome with his showstopper tune "I'm Fucking Awesome". The usually reliable George Faughnan couldn't do much with a very pedestrian portrayal of a bigotted preacher who discovers he's suffering from repressed homosexuality until towards the end when he stripped down to buttless leather shorts over a pink body-stocking and sang "I'm Going Gay For Jesus." Other memorable songs - meaning the ones I could remember the titles of -- "Socially Retarded" and "Why Are You Cornholing Me Jesus." Yeah, I think someone has issues with religion.

Couldn't figure out if the fight scenes were supposed to be simulated slow motion or if the choreography was just that lame. It was a far cry from Action Movie: The Play. Though one of the side effects of that show's fight scenes is the time one punch actually landed and knocked out a couple of Faughnan's teeth. Someone in the audience picked them up. The fight coordinator, the guy who punched George, had his hand become infected and it took him a couple months to regain full use. I think I have all that correct, it has been a few years. Of interest to me, we had tickets to that show, but missed it because we were in the emergency room. A friend slipped walking out of a restaurant and gashed open her head. After a few stitches, she insisted that we take her to the 10:30pm improv. Which we did and that's when we heard about the earlier events. But I digress.

I almost left at intermission and while the second half was better, it didn't justify staying. I'd hoped the show would be more interesting than the youtube preview, but I was wrong. Play was written by Matt Horgan and Travis Sharp. I don't recognize Sharp's name, but Horgan has always impressed us. Maybe one of favorite roles of his was from the Scandal when he played an Amish farmer living on a space ship and building a butter churn rocket; who also fell in love with a android. It all made sense at the time.

Best part of the evening was during the preshow annoucements when they said they're bringing back "Cannibal: The Musical" for the next season. Looking forward to seeing that again. Might be the best show I've seen them do. based on the Trey Parker student film, Dad's created and world premiered the stage production about 10 years ago. After the South Park movie became a big deal, Troma rereleased "Cannibal: The Musical" on DVD with a drunken commentary by Parker and friends mostly dismayed at poorly made their little movie was. It is, but the music is pretty good. The DVD also has a couple film clips of the original Dad's garage production.


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