Wednesday, July 23, 2008

43 minutes for 49 cents

Wherein it's fookin' brilliant and if it wasn't because it it Paul Westerberg it would at the very least be fookin' interesting

  • Paul Westerberg has a new album thingy. Read for details and reviews.
  • It's a 49 cent download at
  • It's also a single file 43 minute file.
  • Discussion on the actual number of songs, what they should be called, and lyrics deciphering.
  • I'll give everyone a couple days to come to a consensus and then I'll load it in Sound Studio and split out the tracks so I have the option of listening to individual "songs."

Here's the email:

aul Westerberg News – July 21, 2008

Download "49:00" – new music from Paul Westerberg!

And you can download the cover art and read PW's liner note
about the music here:

For those of you who haven't heard about this yet, the original
concept here was that on June 49, (that's July 19 to you and me),
Paul would be releasing 49 minutes of music for just $0.49. As
you might expect (because aren't there always?), there have been
some glitches along the way. But things are progressing and the
download is up now on Amazon MP3. Some important notes:

** It's one MP3 file, with a whole mess of songs (literally), so
even though it's only one download, you're getting plenty of songs.

** In order to get the album for $0.49 (rather than the whopping
price of $0.89), you need to use the link I posted above and then:
- Click on the "Buy MP3 album with 1-Click" button
- Download Amazon's MP3 Downloader (takes 1 minute)
- Proceed with purchase

That has something to do with Amazon's system having problems with
a file that is both a song and an album. Always breaking the rules,
that Westerberg character.

** NON-US DOWNLOADS - Amazon MP3 does not accept non-US orders
and an alternate distribution method for international
downloads is being worked on right now. I hope that will be up today.
An apology to all non-US fans who are itching to get their hands on
the new music, I know it's incredibly frustrating.

** The 49 minutes of music is actually 44 minutes. Well, it’s
actually 43:55. That one, I don't have an explanation for but I
assure you that it's still well worth the money at 10x the price.

There's also news on the Sire reissues, check out the News page
for a track listing (including all of the bonus tracks).



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