Friday, October 10, 2008

The groom rode out the Depression in a room above a Chinese Cafe on 101st Street in Edmonton

Wherein later the groom attended chiropractic college in Davenport Iowa though that is just mentioned and isn't otherwise part of the story

W.P. Kinsella
Box Socials
It was while Mr. Perry Wyandotte was lying on his cot in the one-room teacherage, next to the one-room schoolhouse in New Oslo, the night before his wedding, that he heard on his radio that the stock market had crashed, and stockbrokers and bankers in various cities across the continent were leaping to their deaths just like they were lemmings driven by instinct, and the concrete below was ocean water.

The news of the stock market crash hadn't reached reached New Oslo yet. Banker Olaf Gordonjensen did have a telephone, one of only three in the Six Towns area, but local partridge hunters couldn't resist the green glass insulators on the makeshift telephone poles, so the line was out of service fifty percent of the time all year 'round, and one hundred percent during hunting season, which late October was.

Three days after thr wedding, Banker Olaf Gordonjensen found he was, like everyone else in North America, more or less insolvent, and he came to understand why the young schoolteacher, Mr. Perry Wyandotte, had taken off cross-country rather than marry his bulldog-faced daughter.


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