Friday, February 06, 2009

President Finger-wagger

Wherein despite my extreme dislike of listening to any politician I might check this out just to see if the press actually fellates him on prime time television will the FCC bother to fine anyone

Obama to give a press conference Monday and screw up my watching of Chuck.

How I imagine President Obama answering any question he doesn't like: audio, 21 seconds (contains bad words)

From Matt Welch's presidential admonishment:
Why do people oppose the stimulus? Here are a few actual reasons: There is no strong evidence that stimuli work, and plenty of evidence that they don't (a relevant consideration, no?). Like the deeply flawed PATRIOT Act, the deeply flawed Iraq War resolution, and the deeply flawed bank bailout, it is being rushed through the legislature in an atmosphere of pants-wetting crisis and presidential warnings of impending doom. It is filled with special interest giveaways, big-government featherbedding, and "Buy American" considerations that have about as much to do with stimulating an economy as playing violin has with putting out fires. By taking from fiscally responsible states (like South Carolina) and giving to fiscally irresponsible states (like California), it violates basic notions of fairness and creates still more moral hazard in an already hazardtastic universe. These will do for starters...

Welch also asks "Obama's a smart guy; surely he can bring a better closing argument." No, I don't think he can.


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