Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Short quote: player hatin'

Wherein at least I miss Billy Packer

Josh Levin:
One might normally feel pangs of guilt for rooting against college kids—I was just kidding, North Dakota State!—but Devendorf isn't merely annoying. In December, he was suspended from school for assaulting a female student while on probation for "harming" a different Syracuse student. In a Calhoun-esque move, Coach Jim Boeheim let Devendorf suit up while the case was under appeal, and the suspension was later reduced. In the end, he sat out only two games.

Upon his return to the court, the shooting guard played with the joylessness and hostility of a schoolyard bully. Actually, more like the schoolyard bully's yappy best friend. In the Big East Tournament, Devendorf repeatedly talked trash to opposing defenders after his teammates found him for wide-open jumpers. It was like watching John Paxson pop his jersey. Let's make a deal, big guy: You can start woofing the next time you create your own shot.


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