Thursday, October 29, 2009

Come Feel Me Tremble

Wherein a few quotes from the Paul Westerberg documentary and concert film

"This movie would not be possible without your illegal footage and photographs. Thank you." opening screen of "Come Feel Me Tremble

"I'm open to a good idea. But if a bad idea is more fun, then I'll do the bad idea for the sake of the moment."

One word descriptions of old albums:
Interviewer: Hootenanny?
Paul Westerberg: Theft.
Interviewer: Pleased to Meet Me?
Paul Westerberg: Frightened.
Interviewer: Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash?
Paul Westerberg: Fearless.
Interviewer: Don't Tell a Soul?
Paul Westerberg: Sad.
Interviewer: Let It Be?
Paul Westerberg: Drunk.
Interviewer: Stink?
Paul Westerberg: Says it all right there.
Interviewer: Tim?
Paul Westerberg: Coulda been.
Interviewer: All Shook Down?
Paul Westerberg: Um...hmm...

I shook John Lee Hooker's hand once. It was like shaking a cold fish. Like shaing a dead man's hand.

Once Kurt Cobain and I rode up in an elevator together. Neither one of us said a word to each other.
Guy in background: That's amazing, because I'd think he'd be dying to talk to you.

No...he was dying to be dying and I was dying to be somewhere else. We got off on the same floor and it's like he's in 516 and I'm in 517. It's like it was scripted -- both of us put our keys in, we fumble with them, go in and SLAM the door shut.


It's severe A.D.D. That's why the first take is always the best take and the second take is different because I don't remember what I did the first time. So, I don't memory is bad when it comes to stuff like that. Sober. Everyone always chalked it up to "too drunk to know" and it's like -- there was some review in Portland, "he was too wasted to play his own songs." Wasted? I just didn't remember the damn things, you know. Something caught my attention and my mind started to think about something else and I forgot I was on stage.


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