Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"edited to appear as such" is not the same as an actual continuous take

Wherein guess I need to buy a turkey in a couple days and get a bucket for brining

  1. The businessman's leash. I like bowties but could never tie them myself.

  2. Set himself on fire

  3. ooh, good question. uh, wait, I'm confused. Is it number of states that border both Iowa and Ohio? If so, that answer is zero. Or is it [Iowa border states] + [Ohio border states] = ANSWER. Let's try that. Iowa will be [MN, WS, IL, MO, SD, NE(?)] = 6. And Ohio will be [MI, IN, WV, KY,PA] = 5. Answer is eleven. I've done some one day bicycle rides around the river bluffs of La Crosse, WS. Beautiful country. One ride I never made it down for was a century ride through Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. That part of the Midwest ain't flat.

  4. I think Thich Quang Duc might quarrel with Pangloss. Answer is Candide. I'm pretty sure that once long ago I extensively quoted from Candide and I wanted to link to that post. However, no amount of searching has uncovered it. Maybe it was all a dream.

  5. Wall Street Journal

  6. The Golddigger guy. Good lord, I just finished listening to Rufus Wainwright on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me and that's the only name I can think of....Almost had it....though a Rufus version might be interesting....but Loudon would probably better....on second third thought, I'd rather hear Martha Wainwright sing it....Kanye West.

  7. Last seven countries to hold the International Rocksteady Glockenspiel championship. Like the America's Cup, the winning country hosts the next competition. After winning the first 10 championships, it is a national disgrace that Jamaica hasn't held the "Ragga" cup since 1987.


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