Saturday, January 15, 2011

TC8_EP6 Top Chef Performance Chart of Charting Performanceâ„¢

Wherein you all know these numbers have no meaning

After episode 6, a slight shifting with the top 3 tightening up and the whole middle mass becoming massier.

  1. Dale T, 12
  2. Richard, 11
  3. Angelo, 11
  4. Carla, 5
  5. Marcel, 4
  6. Mike, 3
  7. Tre, 3
  8. Antonia, -1
  9. Fabio, -2
  10. Tiffany, -3

Now this is where we see that scoring the competition is a mirage -- aside from the whole "one bad dish sends you home" and hypothetical point totals being hypothetical.

Antonia was on the bottom team for the last two elimination challenges, so scored -2 points for each. But listening to the judge's comments, if her solo dishes had been judged separately, she'd might have been in the top. Taking her negative 2s and making them plus 2s gives her 7 points and moves her into 4th place.


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