Sunday, June 08, 2014

A quick look at GPB's pitiful proposed radio schedule as they attempt (futilely, I hope) to destroy WRAS

Wherein as someone who has listened to WRAS almost daily for 22 years Georgia State's handing over the airwaves to a group -- Georgia Public Broadcasting -- whose actions and words have shown complete contempt for the Atlanta market I'm kinda pissed

I know this blog is pretty much dead, but here's some graphics I've posted to twitter that some people have liked. I thought, to make them easier to find and link to, I'd dump them here. What this attempts to do is to display how little thought GPB has put into this takeover of WRAS. Their only concern is airing in the Atlanta market to squeeze out a few more pennies in fundraising. Unfortunately, because of Georgia State leasing out the station for just a few dollars a day GPB has no incentive to actually provide a competitive product to WABE.

I'll try to come back later and provide links to people providing more background, such as Until then, a couple numbers and the tables.

  • 56% of GPB's proposed schedule is already available in Atlanta.
  • 49%  of GPB's proposed schedule is an exact mirror of WABE's schedule. 

Proposed weekday schedule

This schedule is based on the Tanya Ott, Georgia Public Broadcasting's vice president of radio, interview in Creative Loafing, June 6.

Proposed Saturday schedule

This schedule is based on the Tanya Ott blogpost on the GPB website, May 24.

Proposed Sunday schedule

This schedule is based on the Tanya Ott blogpost on the GPB website, May 24. 

Color-coded list of all proposed GPB scheduling

When you stack up all the programming that GPB has proposed unleashing on the Atlanta market that's when it really sinks in how unoriginal and redundant their thinking is.



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