Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Opening statement - Schumer

Using MS Word to summarize Schumer's opening statement:
Fundamental to that responsibility is our obligation to ascertain your legal philosophy and judicial ideology.

A simple resume, no matter how distinguished, cannot answer that question.
I have no doubt that Justice Scalia thinks he is a fair judge and that Justice Ginsburg thinks she is a fair judge.

But in case after case, they rule differently. Some have argued that questioning a nominee about his or her personal views of the Constitution or about decided cases indicates prejudgment about a future case.

Most nominees who have come before us, including Justice Ginsburg, whose precedents you often cite, have answered such questions.

First, you need to answer questions fully so we can ascertain your judicial philosophy.

Judge Roberts, if you answer important questions forthrightly and convince me you're a jurist in the broad mainstream, I'll be able to vote for you.


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