Thursday, December 15, 2005


This will result in either a very funny post or a breaking news story on both Fox and CNN. Foodwhore updates:
And BridemMtherFuckingZilla (Sorry, mom. And, you know, others offeded with the cursing) calls in hysterics to add another 50 guests to the list.

We're at 450, now.

In three days we've added 100 guests.

And the same bride, earlier:
Not Ok. Your insistence upon calling me at home so you can bounce ideas off me at 11:00 at night.

Not Ok. The way you speak to your mother like she's an insignificant speck. She's footing the bill. And she's too gracious to give you a smack-down in front of people.

Not Ok. The incessent whining. Honestly, it's so annoying.

Not Ok. The way you interrupted me when you ran into me while I was out Christmas shopping with a friend.

Not Ok. Insisting to me that your mother doesn't know anything when she says that 350 will be attending the wedding. You say you invited 400 people and every single person will show up because they are so excited to see you get married. I've got news for you - you're dreaming.

Not Ok. Adding an entire course to the menu because you are certain people need more choice than the 14 things already offered.

Not Ok. Your incessant whining. Seriously, I mean it this time.

Seriously, anyone who ever thinks of hiring a caterer for anything, particularly a wedding, needs to read every word at Foodwhore and learn to behave like a sane and respectful adult.


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