Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Quote of the day

In the Ann Althouse post, Tookie must die, Internet Ronin writes (at 12:51am):
...Tookie Williams will die tonight. I really don't care one way or another about the death penalty. I do find it disgusting that so many want to make a hero out of a man such as Tookie Williams, who once admitted but now denies and never repented of his proven crimes. Through the organization he found, once controlled, and never quite denounced, this man brought about the most violent period of black-on-black crime in American history, causing the deaths of thousands of young black men (not to mention innocent bystanders), the incarceration of tens of thousands of others, as well as the damage done to the black community with drug dealing, and the impact on society as a whole.

While Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, NAACP leaders and a host of other "reponsible black leaders" and "progressives" were grandstanding in Los Angeles, across the continent, in Mississippi, a law-abiding black man named Cory Maye finds himself facing the death penalty for defending his family against unknown house invaders because the invaders turned out to be undercover police breaking down the door of the wrong house.

Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, the NAACP and the rest of the "responsible black leaders" and "progressives" were in the wrong place. They should have been in Mississippi.

More on Cory Maye:
  • Radley Balko, at The Agitator got this rolling and has done amazing work. Click and scroll.
  • Glenn Reynolds, at MSNBC
  • Find additional links at Technorati
  • Balko links to Battlepanda, who is keeping score by ideology. Good to see that the Cory Maye case seems to be pissing of everyone.
  • Discussion at Reason's Hit and Run


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