Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another show with voiceover narration

Wherein I find a show I'll watch if I'm up and the power isn't out

Tim Goodman at the San Francisco Chronicle has good words for the new CBS show, Love Monkey (Tuesdays, 10pm EST):
So you've got the Cavanagh factor, good writing, cynicism in the one-liners and a love of top-shelf music, which gives it that "High Fidelity" cachet. There's a rich visual style in "Love Monkey," attacking New York from fresh angles. But this is ultimately a grown-up series about music and the passion it inspires. Yes, it's a what-am-I-doing-with-my-life tale of discovery and also features a commitment-phobe looking for sex in New York, but the music is the core, and CBS has apparently cleared quite a bit of good music.

I am interested, which surprises me. First, the "High Fidelity" comparison should scare me off. I haven't read the book, but found the movie to be very unpleasant.I've never quite been able to put my finger on it, there was just something very unlikeable about the John Cusack character.

Second, it's also being called a male "Sex in the City." Not having seen "Sex in the City" and having no real interest in seeing it. This doesn't help.

Third, it stars Tom Cavanagh from "Ed." Another show that never worked for me and Cavanagh never did anything to interest me.

Fourth, Jason Priestly.

But I did say I'm interested and for that I can blame Tim Goodman. He's become one of my favorite TV reviewers and I trust his opinion. While there are differences of taste, we line up enough for me to give this show a shot. I doubt there's anything else on I'm watching.


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