Friday, January 20, 2006


Wherein I mention ideas for future posts I probably won't get around to

  1. The Olympics need fixing and I should be the one to do it. First, we take it away from NBC and outlaw all sappy stories of overcoming adversity. You want to know why they're trying to win a gold medal? Because they're A) genetic freaks of nature, and B) train really really hard. But everyone knows that. What I will do is get rid of half the sports.

  2. The Aristocrats is out on DVD next week. I'll probably buy it; I wanted to see it in the theater, but missed it. I'm really not much into the scatalogical humor--watched the "40-year-old Virgin" last week and thought the language was a bit much--but I'm a sucker for comedians talking about comedy. In honor of the release, I might work up my own versions of the aristocrat joke as told by:
    • The cast of Lost
    • The cast of Harry Potter, focussing on the Weasleys
    • Mother Teresa, as told by Christopher Hitchens
    • Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam

Update: I think I have the germ of a brilliant concept. Instead of writing actual posts, I'll write about what I would write about if I ever got around to it. Now that is comedy gold. Just to remind everyone - most of what you see here is for my own amusement.


Blogger Pooh said...

I saw the Aristocrats last weekend, will have a post up sometime today. Funniest movie I've seen in years. And that includes Dude, Where's My Car?

1/20/2006 05:32:00 PM  
Blogger Lord Floppington said...

Definitely looking forward to buying the Aristocrats. It never even made it to a theater in Podunkville.

1/20/2006 07:16:00 PM  

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