Monday, January 09, 2006

Shrinking Sessions

More Alito shrinkage

Using MS Word to summarize Jeff Sessions' (R-AL) opening statement:
It's the rule of law. I like Judge Roberts' phrase of modesty. You attended Yale Law School. You were an editor of the Law Review, elected by your colleagues. And, of course, for a graduating law student at a prestigious law school or any law school, being an editor of the Law Review is an extraordinary honor. As an assistant solicitor general, you argued 12 cases before the Supreme Court. All of them participate on Supreme Court nominees. We don't want an activist judge. It's not an oath to defend the wall the Supreme Court has enclosed sometimes around itself. You stated the Constitution guarantees, quote, that a state does not use peremptory challenges of jurors, to remove any black jurors because of his race. Your dissent complained in an employer case that the majority had substituted its own opinion for the law, and you dissented and later the Supreme Court vindicated you 9-0.


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