Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A week after Geronimo Jackson

Wherein people keep staring at me

Two weeks ago, the official Lost podcast mentioned "Geronimo Jackson." I discussed it here. Before last week, I was in the range of 30-50 visits a day, immediately after The Hunting Party aired I finished Wednesday with about 1000 visits, Thursday was close to 5700, and Friday was almost 800. Since then, it's held steady in the 400-500 range. For a few days I was even the #2 result on Google, but have since slipped to the third page.

Begging to Differ also saw a huge increase in traffic and Greg discussed it here.

What can be learned from this? Beats me, but that's no excuse to forego mindless speculation:
  1. Lost is an easter egg show and the viewers enjoy finding and discussing.
  2. That some are a bit overboard in analyzing every single detail. Referring here to the podcast where a questioner asks what it means when a flashback shows peaches with a date of 2005, when that was impossible, since they were already on the island. ANSWER: Continuity error, relax.
  3. That I foresee an inevitable backlash from (a) the casaul viewer feeling increasingly left out; and, (2) the easter egg hunter frustrated that the easter eggs, more often than not, serve very little in the way of plot advancement.

Personally, I've avoided the major discussion sites, wary of too much discussion and spoilers. There are people scrutinizing cast lists for clues and news of who has been hired or fired. Nothing necessarily wrong there, just too much for me. I like the narrative and the character studies and enjoy a conversation based on what's just aired. I even try to avoid the "next week" teasers. Having said that, with all the traffic, I did visit some of the places that were linking to me and did see a theory with popular acclaim:
  • There is still a spy in the group.

The bearded one knows too much about the group and seemed surprised by the mention of Ethan. I think it's Rose. She was just too sure that Bernard was still alive and we have enough mystical people without adding one more.


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