Monday, January 23, 2006

Official Lost podcast: 2/23/06

Wherein we learn that the smoke monster did attack the pilot and that we might see some Hurley-burley action; plus a flashback tease that probably serves no purpose other than overloading Google.


Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss "The Hunting Party," offer exclusive clues, and give a preview of the episode "Fire + Water." Also featured is Part II of an interview with actor Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael.

Carlton: The Hunting Party is a precursor for where the show is going this year. The episode does key up the conflict with [the Others].

Damon: One of the things that's frustrating for us as storytellers is we have these designs and we've known since early in season 2 we'd have this bit with the computer where Walt...where Walt - parentheses, question mark - someone claiming to be Walt at least...would communicate with Michael. And once Michael got back with the fuselage folk, he'd go rogue and go running after Walt.

Carlton: This episode sets in motion the story line "We need to get Walt back." ...Clearly the Walt story will be resolved this season and you will get your answers about what happened to Walt.

Carlton: Viewers watching the show wanting just answers are bound to be frustrated. We hope the character stories will be compelling and we will be providing some answers to question while raising others. But the ongoing nature of mysteries and the fact that the show will be on for a long time means that some questions can't be answered. If we answered those questions, there'd be no core to the show left.

Carlton: We are answering questions this year. You will know a lot more about the others, you will know where Walt has been, what happened to him, among other things, including, hopefully another chapter of Jack's marriage and finish that run of episodes...

Talking about Fire and Water

Damon: It's a Charlie episode. One of the things that the writers hear is "what's going on with Charlie and Claire, what's going on with the Virgin Mary statue." ...This episode is not a big island mythology episode. It's about settling into the core relationships of the show. There's actually a story in Fire and Water featuring Hurley and has a little bit of romance to it. The key relationship here is Charlie and Claire after he lied about what was in the statue. Also interesting is that Claire begins to develop a bit of a relationship with Locke.

Carlton: To go back to your comment about Hurley, I'd say the number one question we get asked is "Why hasn't the fat guy last weight?" I'd just like to let you know that that question will be addressed in the narrative of the show coming up very soon.

Damon: Not THIS show, but very very soon. As a tidbit for the Easter egg hunters, there is a flashback that takes place in London and you will see the London skyline and you might want to check it out very, very carefully. There is an iconic building there that you music fans might recognize....There is some signage there that may pay off for those who are easter egg hunting that you should write down and say "what does this mean?"
My guess - not a damn thing - bill

Answering Questions
Why did the monster attack the pilot, but not Eko and Locke?
Carlton: The monster is discriminating. The monster does not treat everyone equally.

Damon: What's very interesting is that when Locke sees the monster for the second time, it attacks him and tries to drag him down a hole.

Carlton: I think that at that particular moment on time Locke's behavior and attitude may not have been the same as when he was confronted the first time.

Damon: Maybe a little less secure in his faith that he was on the right path.

Carlton: That would be a very good assumption, Damon.

Damon: There are many mysteries about what is beyond that concrete. Whether it is a strong electromagnet or just strong enough to draw keys to it, is something we'll be pealing back the layers of as we approach the finale. I think all be revealed about what is the nature of that wall and whether or not it has a real function. It could be just a hoax.

Carlton: I think we can promise you we will deal with what happens when you don't press that button this season. You'll see more story material about the button and the electromagnetic force field.


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