Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am iPod, destroyer of worlds

Wherein this is part of a post that blogger deleted a couple weeks ago. So, "last twenty" is not technically correct. For the record, I've been listening to Mary's Danish and just switched over to Mike Doughty.

A list of the last twenty random songs:
  1. Baby, Baby, Baby, Roy Buchanan (Alligator Records 25th Anniversary Collection). Found this 2-CD collection at a used CD store last week. I have no understanding why anyone would get rid of this.
  2. Irish Heartbeat, Brian Kennedy, Shana Morrison (No Prima Donna: The Songs Of Van Morrison). A Van Morrison tribute album produced by the man himself, it's hit or miss.
  3. If I Wanted To, Melissa Etheridge (Yes I Am)
  4. Take Me To the Pilot, Elton John (Live in Australia). This might be the first CD I purchased - 1987(?). Something I just realized is that an Elton John greatest hits album might be one of the first albums I purchased - 1973(?) - still own it and the Elvis, Live via Hawaii, which I think is the first.
  5. Your Favorite Thing, Sugar (File Under Easy Listening). I never got into Husker Du, but loved Bob Mould solo and with Sugar.
  6. Fear, Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy). Don't think I've ever listened to this.
  7. Those Oldies But Goodies,Little Caesar (Doo Wop Box II). Everyone should own some doo wop.
  8. Halo, Depeche Mode (Violator). Wow, it has been a long time since I last listened to this. That's all I have to say.
  9. Tobacco Road, War (Anthology). Early 70s was really a heyday for multicultural bands.
  10. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out, The Replacements (Let it Be). Possibly the greatest album ever.
  11. Mr. Floosack, Mary's Danish (Circa). This song isn't a great example, but Mary's Danish is a band that deserved to be huge.
  12. Whatever's For Us, For Us, Joan Armatrading (Joan Armatrading). During a discussion of the Rock and Roll HOF, it was mentioned that Melissa Etheridge would be eligible. One commenter said that she should easily get it being some sort of pioneer. Well, I like Ms Etheridge, but she didn't do anything that Ms Armatrading hadn't done at LEAST ten years earlier. The whole RR-HOR is just a silly marketing scam, but the fact that Joan isn't in it is disgusting.
  13. Holding Out for Roses, Dayroom (Perpetual Smile). Silly frat band from Athens that probably no longer exists. Had a couple fun songs.
  14. French Kiss, George Clinton (The Cinderella Theory). This album just does not work.
  15. Sister Brother, Archie Roach, (Charcoal Lane). An Australian folk singer. Got this working at a college radio station. We had three main camps of DJs: hiphop, metal, and college rock. I played anything and would counter program against whatever I followed or preceded. Anyway, when going through all the CDs the labels would mail us, there developed a category called "bill music." What this? I dunno, give it to Bill, he'll play it.
  16. Housebound, Special AKA (In the Studio). This song isn't anything special, but the Special AKA should always be remembered for creating the best protest song you could dance to: Free Nelson Mandela.
  17. The Cat Rambles To The Childs Saucepan/Maire O'Keefe/Harry Bradshaw's, Cherish the Ladies (Out and About). Another radio station gift. Six American women singing English and Irish folk songs. I alaways enjoy it when it pops up in rotation.
  18. Rockin Back Inside My Heart, Julee Cruise (Rockin Back Inside My Heart). If you watched David Lynch's Twin Peaks, you've heard Julee Cruise. Haunting vocals, not too different from Kate Bush. This CD has the original release and 3 remixes. The remixes rock. She has a blog/diary.
  19. Where or When, Mandy Patinkin (Experiment). From Babes in Arms by Rodgers and Hart and, yes, I had to look that up. I'm a big fan of Patinkin. I think one of the greatest film travesties was him having to sing with that lighweight, Madonna, in Dick Tracy. A role that should've gone to Bernadette Peters - it's Sondheim, for god's sake.
  20. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Sandra Bernhard (Without You I'm Nothing). She's one of those performers that you either hate or love and most of the time she cracks me up. Speaking of cinematic moments, her crawling across the table in her undies and getting punched out by Jerry Lewis is a masterpiece. This is a recording of her one woman show - a collection of odd stories giving her an excuse to sing. I have her first album as well. It's a mostly straight effort leading me to believe she'd wanted to be known as a singer, unfortunately, no one could get past her comic persona. The Lion Sleeps Tonight is good, but the reason to get this CD is for Little Red Corvette


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