Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In Virginia

Wherein I shrink the guys across the aisle

Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia, delivers the Deomcratic response. Original is 1,496 words and 9,148 characters with spaces. Shrunk to ten percent gets us down to 157 words and 1,078 characters with spaces.

Gov. Tim Kaine:
The federal government should serve the American people.

In Virginia – and other states – we’re moving ahead by focusing on service, competent management and results.

Tonight, we heard the President again call to make his tax policies permanent, despite his Administration’s failure to manage our staggering national debt. Two years ago in Virginia, Democrats and Republicans worked together to reform our budget. Now, the Republican leadership in Washington is cutting billions of dollars from the student loan programs that serve working families, helping get their children to college. Many states are working to make high quality Pre-Kindergarten accessible to every family. In Virginia, Democrats and Republicans worked together to make record investments in education. The Administration actually fought against that Democratic effort! All Americans embrace those goals. Democrats are leading that reform effort, working to restore honesty and openness to our government, working to replace a culture of partisanship and cronyism with an ethic of service and results.


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