Friday, February 10, 2006

Radical Wisconsinites wage violent protest over blasphemous cartoons

Wherein I make the editorial decision to protect you from making your own decision by not publishing the cartoons

Chief instigator, Duane Gunderson, was heard to say: Those who sow the curds of blasphemy will reap the cheddar wheel of destruction,”

Linked from Jim Treacher, who had this to say to the NY Press General Manager (about this):
At the risk of being a bit vulgar, what a huge motherfucking crock of camel shit. "We felt the images... would not hinder our readers from making an informed opinion"? First of all, you mean you thought not publishing the images wouldn't hinder the readers from making an informed opinion. (Where'd your editor go, dude? Ha ha, j/k.) So, you mean like an informed opinion about whether the cartoons are a suitable excuse for some rent-a-mobs to burn down embassies? Or whether one of the cartoons was even a cartoon at all? Or maybe an informed opinion about seeing that same "cartoon" in a story about some kind of French hog-calling contest? No, you'll just tell us why this stuff is driving a bunch of idiots apeshit. You'll describe a fuzzy photocopy of, well, it looks like a guy with a beard, and is that a pig nose? "Beard! A man with a beard! Shit, they're right, that must be the prophet himself! And a pig nose! They're saying he's a pig, or perhaps just enjoys the delicious taste of bacon! AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!! ...oh wait, now that I've gone online and looked at it, it's just some harmless Gaul having a laugh. Whoops!"

Jim has a point and I'll add that the NY Press hasn't been very interesting since the new owners fired John Strasbaugh.


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