Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A list

Wherein I'm trying to clean out the files before vacation

At Begging to Differ I've posted sort of an autobiographical list: Stuff I Almost Know, People I've Almost Met.

It's an OK list, though frankly I think my favorite part is the headline. Headlines are true poetry compared to the articles. Usually more limiting than Haikus they become koans of succinctness. This one isn't poetry, but it felt good; like hitting a ball perfectly on the sweet spot.


Anonymous amy said...

My encounters of the almost kind:
- During my UGA days, I made fun of Michael Stipe from REM while he was standing behind me in a bar in Athens waiting for some local band to play. I turned around, saw him, and laughed in his face. (And yes, REM is a bunch of dirty hippies)

- I walked into and got knocked over by John Smoltz from the ATL Braves at the video rental store. He is very tall. He was also polite when he helped me up.

- During my days at Arby's, I served Newt Gringich. It was during his Speaker of the House days, and the Secret Service had to search the place before he could come in.

I have other almost encounters, but these are probably my three favorites.

5/17/2006 08:05:00 AM  
Blogger bill said...

Reminds me, when we lived in Bob Barr's district we ran into him at a Waffle House. He just oozed slime. No secret service.

5/17/2006 08:31:00 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

Oh boy, do I have a Bob Barr story for you. I was an English tutor at school while his son was a freshman there. Baby Boy Barr was flunking English 1101 and Daddy Barr called my boss and DEMANDED that I chase his son down and force him to study for English and make him pass the class. I was also to edit all of his papers before he turned them in.

My boss told me what Daddy Barr demanded and I just laughed at her and said no. It was not in my job description to chase down flunking students. Luckily, she saw the light.

5/17/2006 09:45:00 AM  

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