Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lost: "I'll take failure to communicate for $1000, Alex"

Wherein the season finale will be watched from a beach house with a giant pitcher of Sangria

What to say about Lost? First, I'll start with the list of characters I want to see have a big death scene:
  • Jack. An impulsive, overly emotional jerk. Impulsive, yet indecisive. Seems to change his mind based on whatever the last person to talk to him said. Rarely listens to more qualified people--like Sayid.
  • Michael. Wasted character, he's never done much but be angry. Most of his dialog consists of either "He's my son" or shouting "WALT". He killed Libby and Ana Lucia and doesn't seem that remorseful. He's willing to get all the Losties killed to get Walt back. What, exactly, he thinks he'd do next is anyone's guess.
  • Henry Gale. A hardened, coal black rock of pure evil.
  • Ms. Clue (or Ms. Klugh). Depending on your mood and connection to the material, that's either the best or worst character name since Hiro Protagonist. She obviously has no problems torturing children.

Probably the most annoying aspect of the show is the inability and refusal of the characters to talk to each other. Obviously this is supposed to ramp up the dramatic tension, but after a point it really eats into the suspension of disbelief. There's this group of Others you're having issues with, two more people are dead, another hatch was found, and everyone is content to have a picnic on the beach. Come on guys, tighten up the narrative a bit. Would've been nice to have had a background plot of the red shirts building fortifications. Especially since it looks like the show completely dropped Sayid trying to tunnel around the concrete wall; despite throwing it in our faces in the second episode this season.

As much as I'm hooked on this show, it can be incredibly annoying. Latest examples:
  • Charlie - show the freaky hatch medicine to the doctor. He's an insufferable, impulsive jerk, BUT he's still a doctor.
  • Locke and Eko - new hatch, with cameras. Nah, you're right, no one would be interested in this. Those printouts? Nice of Eko to bring them back, but there's probably no point in looking through them. Mentioned by the producers on the podcast was that there was a lit cigarette in the Hatch last week. I didn't see it and I guess Locke and Eko didn't see it, as they didn't mention it. Kinda strange. I don't have it on tape so I can't go back and check. But if true, someone was in the Hatch. And went out the front door? Which Locke and Eko didn't bother to look for? Jayzuz Keeriste...kill them too.

Sawyer is a great character. In last season's "Confidence Man" we learned that a conman was responsible for the death's of his parents. Sawyer has taken his name and become a conman to track him down. While playing a conman has taken over his life, underneath that, what really keeps him going, is revenge. Given a chance, or pushed far enough, he'll be extremely loyal. For all the crap he's pulled on the other Losties, for all his scams, they are his family. He's ready for war.

We got to see the Others "camp." It's pretty much the way Michael described it. coughPotemkin villagecough. What was that? Did I say something? If you're not familiar with that phrase, then look here and here.

What's the point, though? What are they hiding? Who are they hiding it from? They've been testing Walt for something and it seems they suspect him of having, for lack of a better term, supernatural "powers." I had said that Henry Gale had purposely infiltrated the Losties camp--and implicating Rousseau as an Other. If Ms. Clue is to be believed, this is false and he was captured. And what about her demand that Michael only bring back James Ford, Jack, Kate, and Hugo. Interesting that they know Sawyer's name. But then there's the camera in the Hatch. Earlier in the season I speculated that the Others could be monitoring the Losties, but that was one of many wild ass guesses, and the fact that I finally got one right isn't worth linking to.

We've been told a couple times that the Others have been capturing the "Good" people. Henry Gale told Locke he was coming to get him. But Henry lies, and since Locke wasn't on Ms. Clue's list that was probably just another attempt at manipulation; or Locke has lost that creamy godness feeling. Eko, however, was one of the first Tailies the Others tried to take. Eko is, apparently, no longer one of the good ones.

And Alex. Is she genuine in her concern or is she playing the "good cop?"

Then the boat at the end. Could this be Desmond's boat? Kinda small for an around the world race. But as I think he's the head guy in the Other's camp, nothing he's said has to be true. Question is, is the boat another taunt from the Others or a Deus ex machina?

Based on last night's events I am uncomitted on whether the Losties are there on purpose or accidently. I could argue either way, but I won't. I'm willing to accept either answer. I think the boat will give Sayid the chance to form a two-pronged attack on the Other's camp. Michael, and his gang of stooges, will tromp of through the woods, while Sayid takes the boat, and a few others, and sails around the island.

And Locke, was he walking back towards the hatch or going for a hike? I couldn't tell, but thought down the beach, towards Rousseau.

I'm still holding out for Desmond to be in charge. I'm less certain of my "they'll be rescued by a Hanso ship" speculation.

I'll be away next week, so no more Lost talk for a couple weeks. I'll wrap up the season when I get back. As always, I'll direct you to two other sites that have intelligent Lost conversation without being too obsessive about it. Except that Greg admits to buying the Bad Twin.
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Blogger Pooh said...

The first word that came into my head when they showed the Others' camp was "Potemkin" as well.

It almost gives me hope that they're just going to end the show instead of dragging it out.

5/19/2006 08:24:00 PM  
Blogger Icepick said...

Bill, which beach? Or, if you don't want to give away the secret location, which ocean?

5/20/2006 03:34:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...

Atlantic ocean>St. Augustine Beach>Anastasia Island, across the bridge from St. Augustine. I'll be the guy with the tiny fighter kite.

We're leaving early enough to be at the beach by Sunday noon. Grab some fish tacos at Nalu's, mix up a pitcher of my beach sangria (1 bottle of chianti, 1 can of frozen fruit punch, mix with sparkling water), and it's all good.

5/20/2006 09:06:00 PM  

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