Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rock Star finally gets rid of Patrice

Wherein and then there were six

Well, Rock Star: Supernova decided Patrice wasn't roight for the band. She'd become my favorite singer, but this was the correct decision. And that's what's fun about this show. Not only do you develop favorites over the weeks, you're also trying to determine who would be a better fit for the band.

Last year, with Rock Star: INXS, we had an established band with a known sound. The bg question was whether they'd go with someone closer in style to Michael Hutchence or try something new. The band chose JD, a decent singer who could do a decent Hutchence impersonation if he had to. I felt, as did many, that the more interesting and daring choice would have been Marty Casey. I guess I'm a casual fan of INXS--I've always enjoyed their music, but have never purchased an album or CD. If they'd chosen Marty or Jordis, or maybe even Mig or Suzie, I probably would have purchased the new CD and considered going to a concert. With JD, I just wasn't interested. For the record, I did buy the Marty and the Lovehammers CD and will buy the Jordis CD when it's released.

So I'm watching the show looking for someone new and interesting, not just paying attention to the band. Which is good for me, because no matter who Supernova picks, I don't care. Even if they pick one of the few people left who doesn't completely bore me or irritate me, I'm not giving these people any money. While I've never had any interest in Motley Crue, Metallica, or Guns N'Roses, and feel pretty good about saying I flatout hate GnR, I suppose it's possible I could like a band comprising former members of said bands. But I don't think so. Tommy Lee, as portrayed by himself on TV, is a disgusting individual, a true asshole; I honestly can't tell if he's a good drummer or just enjoys hitting things with sticks. Gilby Clarke isn't very good. He's also not very interested in hearing anything new done with an established song. Jason Newsted seems ok, but he's not air enough to get a good feel for. I've enjoyed the few times he's played on stage. Then the original music they've played is a pale imitation of T Rex and lyrically quite bad. Frankly, I think these guys got together for the TV show, a quick album, and a quicker tour. The tour is scheduled for small halls through February. I'd bet we never see a second Supernova album.

And the recently release Patrice? I downloaded an album from iTunes and will likely buy more. The rest of these guys, I'm not so sure about.

We're down to six people, let's review. The order will be my ranking from strongest to weakest. I've said before that I felt the final four would be Dilana, Lukas, Storm, and Magni. I believe that has changed.
  1. Dilana bored with Every Breath You Take and even sounded like she was chanting her own name. Highlights showed not only being brash self-confident, but also rude and insulting to the other contestants. From week one she's been one of my favorites and obviously one of the band's favorites. Even the other contestants have commented on her frontrunner status. Dilana is a good enough performer that even when she has an off night she's usually better than the others. Problem is, while she hasn't had a truly captivating performance for a few weeks, some others are looking better and moving up the ranks. Still likely she'll make the final two.
  2. Magni screeched through Smells Like Teen Spirit. After a few stellar performances making him one of my favorites, this was a weak performance. It was just loud. Still, he's probably the most consistent person on stage. Rarely making me say "wow," yet never sucking. He would be the professional, safe choice. Some of the others could play the crazy rock guy, while Magni would leave that up the band and be the calm at the center of the storm. A lot of people have pegged Dilana and Lukas as the final two...I think Magni is there.
  3. Toby impressed with Layla. Took a song we've heard Clapton play into the ground and breath new life into it. Toby has probably shown the most growth over the course of the show. After initially coming off as young and inexperienced, he's shown an ability to create fascinating rearrangements and has a jittery energy that's fun to watch. I'd say he's the choice between Magni and Lukas.
  4. Lukas entertained with All These Things That I've Done. If by entertained I mean made us laugh. He has this habit of turning his head and mumbling. At some point in the song The Wife and I turned to each other and mimic'd him. The rest of the song was lost due to the laughing. He does have a certain energy that's fun to watch, but the clothes, the makeup, the attitude, his stage walk, all look like an act. I forget where I said this: he's a marsupial imitation of Mick Jagger; he's all strut and no cock. The band enjoys him, I just expect when finally faced with the decision to keep him or let him go, he's gone.
  5. Ryan was almost as bad the original song "Back of Your Car." Maybe I'm being unfair by claiming the only song Ryan could do justice to is Mr. Roboto. Maybe he and Supernova deserve each other. A fake band and a fake singer, yeah, that'll work.
  6. Storm did a nice job with Crying. I've never been a Storm fan. She's a very good singer, can't argue with that. Much like Sepinwall, I'm tired of her ballads and if given the choice I think the band boots her.

Who goes next is really up for grabs as half the group will end up in the bottom three. Dilana and Magni are the only true safe ones.
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