Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not affliated or endorsed? Ya think?

Wherein I'm in favor of mocking all religions, belief systems, foot wear, and especially the type of pet you own. Not necessarily in a cruel, mean-spirited way; more of an esprit de corps fostered by our differences bring us closer together. Keeps everyone on their toes. Unless you really, really hate that person, then go for the testicles....which would also tend to keep one on their toes.

Dad's Garage presents A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant. Haven't seen a show there in awhile and this could be entertaining.
Wash down those holiday blues with big frosty glass of Dianetics! This Obie award winning, pageant-style look at Scientology is truly outrageous and educational. And yes, it really is a children’s pageant. This show is entirely cast with children from ages 8 – 12, but it is most definitely meant for adult audiences.

Come along with us on this Regional Premiere journey of L. Ron Hubbard’s transformation from mildly crazy science fiction writer to extremely crazy celebrity cult leader. It’ll be tons of fun, somewhat baffling, and a whole lot tastier than a fruit cake. This production is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by The Church of Scientology.


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