Thursday, December 28, 2006

"the squirrels are nice here"

Wherein people can be the dumbest animals

From Bruce Schneier comes this tale of incompetence and dumb assitudiness. Here's a sample:
Subject: Re: Question for you or other Attrition members

Wow, I feel dumb now. I honestly cannot rember if
there were pigeons on campus or not. A lot of crazy
squirrels, but I can't remember pigeons. Just for my
own edification, why do you need to know that? I'll
find out for you.

--- security curmudgeon wrote:

> : I can supply all that. Forgive what I assume is
> dumb question, but what
> : are pigeons? I know you're not talking about the
> bird.
> Actually I am.

Then there's the news story: Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers -- to boost his college GPA.


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