Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stolen 'name that tune' meme, take 2

Wherein, let's try this one more time

First version was a bit obscure. Here's a new list with songs I think most people could recognize, mostly. There are a couple, depending on your age and your position on the radio dial, that might be outside your muscial knowledge. Meaning, nothing batshit crazy, here.

Not that it necessarily helps. Even from popular songs, lyrics pasted with no context are still unrecognizable. Posted on someone's blog I'd wager I'd only get #10.

  1. Saw a silhouette across a fluorescent
    Floating overhead, undoing his helmet
    Through the murky beams and blue-green sea life
    I saw him spinnin towards the moonlight

  2. So you feel misunderstood
    Baby, have I got news for you
    On being used, I could write a book
    You don't wanna hear about it

  3. Go on now go walk out the door
    just turn around now
    'cause you're not welcome anymore
    weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye

  4. She sits alone waiting for suggestions
    He's so nervous avoiding all her questions
    His lips are dry, her heart is gently pounding
    Don't you just know exactly what they're thinking?

  5. you know you did, you know you did you know you did -- Just the one line, any other 2 lines would make it too easy

  6. Don't let them fool ya,
    Or even try to school ya! oh, no!
    We've got a mind of our own,
    So go to hell if what you're thinking is not right!

  7. You let all my friends come over and meet
    And you were so strange
    You didn't have the decency to change the sheets

  8. I'm not superstitous...
    About what?
    About you But I can't take no chance
    You got me spinnning Spinning
    Baby I'm in a trance

  9. Wind blows cold from the west
    I smell coffee, I smell doughnuts for the press (on their breath?)
    A girl that I knew once years ago
    Is tryin' to be reached on the phone

  10. I play along with the charade
    There doesn't seem to be a reason to change
    You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute
    I want to tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot

So I won't have to edit this with the correct answers, I'm borrowing xwl's inviso-text idea. Highlight the following blank space to reveal the songs.

1. Air, Ben Folds Five
2. Strong Enough, Sheryl Crow
3. I Will Survive, Cake/Gloria Gaynor
4. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Rod Stewart
5. Live and Let Die, Guns & Roses/Wings
6. Could You Be Loved, Bob Marley & the Wailers
7. When You Were Mine, Prince
8. Knock On Wood, Otis Redding & Carla Thomas
9. The Ledge, Replacements
10. Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield


Blogger Ahistoricality said...

I got the easy ones (3 and 4).

6/28/2007 04:26:00 PM  

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