Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Whoreshoe Poll

Wherein with special guest judge, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer

A month ago we started a conversation about creating a new sport: Whoreshore Tossing. While there are still plenty of details to be worked out, one of the most important details is finding the appropriate shoe to toss. I think we should use the same shoe for all events.

Having spent the last four weeks (or maybe one hour 3 weeks ago) scouring kinky/scuzzy websites, I've selected the following six shoes for voting. View the shoes, then vote for your favorite. Small note: the links to the stores are NSFW.

Red Heart






Please Vote


Blogger XWL said...

It's a tough vote, but given that these shoes are meant for competitive whoreshoe tossing, I'd have to go with the "Neon" brand. Lot's of lucite, plus a solid heel that could be used for a very solid toss, plus a very generous arch so you could actually get a 'ringer' if one of the competitions were like actual horseshoes. As an added plus, if one of the events is the 'toe-flick toss', then any of the slingback type shoes are completely out, and while the "Ballet" shoe is truly whore-ish, it would be a disaster for most of the events in actual whoreshoe tossing (at least how I envision them). The "Neon" while not as spectacularly tacky as the others, seems much more versatile when it comes to its usefulness competitively.

(speaking of whoreshoes, see the Ukranian soldiers?)

3/12/2008 02:15:00 AM  
Blogger justkim said...

I only wish I were coordinated enough to wear heels, at least in certain circumstances. Whoreshoe or not, the Red Heart show is adorable.

3/12/2008 07:58:00 AM  
Blogger Icepick said...

I vote for "Desire".

3/12/2008 02:16:00 PM  

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