Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr. Smith is for indoctrination camps and against alternative energy

Where these are his words not mine

Is this the type of man we want running the government? It's bad enough he wants to kill the construction of a dam -- a dam that would provide jobs and cheap and efficient energy for the community and the nation. No, Mr. Smith prefers we continue using dirty coal and remain beholden to foreign interests.

But worse, he wants to forcibly remove your children from your home and brainwash them in the ways of Stalinism. And where does he want to do this? Grown men hiding innocent children deep in the woods, far from the prying eyes of their parents. He is so confident in his evil plans that he said these very words on the Senate floor. Perhaps it is too late.
And funny thing about men--they start life being boys. That's why it seemed like a pretty good idea to take kids out of crowded cities and stuffy basements for a few months a year--and build their bodies and minds for a man-sized job. Those boys'll be sitting at these desks some day. Yes--it seemed a pretty good idea--boys coming together...

Seriously, was this written by NAMBLA?


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