Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I haven't demanded it, I'm just vaguely compelled to open email every Tuesday and guess. If it stopped coming I'd quickly adjust.

Wherein never been to Turner Field because I have no interest in the Braves and never much cared for National League teams

  1. Rough Riders. Also a great song by The English Beat, but had nothing to do with Teddy Roosevelt.
  2. The number of Hank Aaron's home runs, which is ~756?
  3. Pak/Afghan istan
  4. The Moon
  5. Drawing a blank and I should be all over 1984 sci-fi films. David Lynch played a large pile of sand? Ah, scrolling here, the answer was obvious once I got to S. That movie sucked.
  6. Eff Mr. Blackwell and the people who paid attention to him. If you know the answer to this your soul is less full than it could have been. I do not know, though based on "beehive" I will guess Amy Winehouse. My soul remains intact.
  7. I've read Flatland, The Hobbit, and The Little Prince. They're all journeys...and I have nothing. Researching thru wiki I've uncovered the answer. Authors did more than write.


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