Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running theme of Cryptonomicon

Wherein obviously

  • Shaftoe's first haiku (December 1940) was a quick and dirty adaptation of the Marine Creed

  • In '27 he got shipped off to Shanghai on very short notice, and no doubt had to display some adaptability

  • The development of an offshoot of the species characterized by densely bearded males is an adaptive response to cold climates

  • ...and so all physical adaptations to it must be placed in the same category

  • "The bombes were adapted, by Turing and Welchman and others, from a design dreamed up by Polish cryptanalysts"

  • Out of its handy pouch comes one Mark II fragmentation grenade, a.k.a. pineapple, and with a bit more groping he's got the Grenade Projection Adapter, M1. (Grenade Projection Adapter x3)

  • "a small mammal...admired and even emulated by Qwghlmians for its hardiness and adaptability."

  • Inside, a tiny anteroom is dominated by a sculpture: two nymphets in diaphanous veils kicking the crap out of a scurrying hag, entitled Fortitude and Adaptability Driving Out Adversity.

  • Pekka ended up scoring a pretty nice nineteen-inch high-res multisync monitor perfectly adequate for his adaptable twenty-four-year-old eyes.

  • Q.E.D. My thing about black stockings was a highly rational adaptation

  • ..., we spent a whole week moving in a world that was perfectly adapted to stockings

  • But this ROV carries its own power source-an oxygen/natural gas swash-plate motor, adapted from torpedo technology, and part of our peace dividend"

  • Not only that, he has any number of peculiar ideas adapted from the Bavarian Illuminati, and is groping for some way to tie these in with higher mathematics

  • Pigs adapt by fighting their way to perimeter of cage & hanging ear/heat exchangers out over the side to flap in the wind of the truck's motion

  • It is a world, and a situation, to which Shaftoe and a lot of other people are perfectly adapted

  • "Display some fucking adaptability," Shaftoe says

  • So I displayed adaptability

  • They were, in other words, capable of displaying adaptability

  • Finally he starts to come around, starts to display adaptability

  • --you could adapt those same protocols to card games

  • He happens to have a twelve-volt adapter for the laptop

  • That these Jovian info-bolts are visible and moving is a visual cue that his radio adapter has managed to patch itself into the packet radio network

  • "But Filipinos are highly adaptable."

  • "So come up with another fucking way! Show some fucking adaptability!"

  • "I see that you and yours have displayed adaptability and that is good"

  • "Yes. The whole plan is ruined. Ah well, it was a nice conspiracy while it lasted. Perhaps Enoch Root will display some adaptability."


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