Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quotidian Quotables, part 1

Wherein a short survey of interesting

Reason's Hit and Run
Comment by: Phil at January 25, 2006 11:51 AM:
Did some of you get your BA in Missing the Fucking Point?

Poppy Z. Brite
The Sound of Hope Dying:
After a brief spate of hope, it turns out that the Bush administration does not care about us after all. The block grants are not enough, and this plan makes no provision for some of the hardest-hit areas (e.g. most of the Lower Ninth Ward). The Baker bill was one of our biggest and best hopes, and thousands of people in Louisiana, possibly including yours truly, are going to lose their homes because of this imbecilic decision.

Hillary Johnson
Does my ass look fat in these pants?:
Take a picture of your ass in the questionable pants and send it to:

Please don't tell me who you are, this is anonymous. Comments will be moderated to weed out cretins and letches. Now for the fine print: no porn, no g-strings. Full-coverage pants only, please (or trousers if you're a Brit). Photos under 400 x 300 mp might not make it.

Why? Because a) you can't see your own ass, and b) no one you know is going to tell you the truth.

Scott Stevenson
Wired's Leander Kahney is confused:
Bill Gates's PR problems in the technology industry come from foisting low-quality products on an unsuspecting public. No clear-thinking, healthy person will confuse these misdeeds with the issues of the human race. In the same sense, no sane individual will directly compare the merits of Pixar to that of the One Campaign.

Brokeback Top Gun
You can be my wingman any time.


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