Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Devo 2.0 Update

Wherein I pass along a link from Matt Welch

COOP at Positive Ape Index thinks it's a brilliantly subversive move:
What better way to get your message through than to aim your cruise missiles at the soft underbelly of kid-dom? Look at all the mendacious crap forced down childrens' impressionable gullets these days. Thank Jebus I don't have any, or I'd be forced to listen & look at that crap ALL DAY LONG, whcih brings up the other brilliant part of this plan. Most of the parents of those young'uns are in my age bracket, and were probably DEVO fans themselves in their younger days. I'm sure they would much rather listen to DEV2.O than the friggin' Wiggles, or whatever other weird crap is popular among the Huggies set these days.

Think I'll have to disagree. If Devo decided it was in their best interest to record music for the pre-pubescent (Saturdays, 10am), that could be cool and I'd be interested. It works for They Might be Giants, though that work isn't much different from their usual motif. No, what Devo did is hand their legacy over to annoying children. Children can't sing, none of them. Sure, it's cute when yours starts singing, but thinking anyone else wants to hear that crap tags you as horribly misguided and possibly suffering from a congenital head wound. Lay down and have someone dial 911.

So no. I can't even grant COOP the Wiggles comparison. The Wiggles are freaky and while I'm sure Wiggles in Australian means "child molester" they still sound better than Devo 2.0. It's Devo's music, they can do anything they want with it, I just don't see how anyone thinks this is a good idea. I can guarantee it won't be played in our house.

I'm also sure that for those involved it will be seen as a bad idea. I don't want to pick on children, but I blame Disney for this, not me. Let's look at lead "singer," Nicole. She wants to be "a famous singer or a doctor." She "really hates racism." Good to see someone finally taking a stand on that issue. And her favorite Disney song is "Reflection from Mulan." She's what - 12, 13? - maybe she'll live that down. But I bet she'll never be able to live down this photo:


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