Thursday, March 16, 2006


Wherein Tijuana Joes is the most inept Mexican restaurant chain I've ever attempted to eat at

Poppy Z. Brite, channeling one of her fictional chefs (but it's true):
Bobby Flay doesn't have a brain in his skull, he has a steaming turd studded with corn. You want evidence? He called Houston the crawfish capital of the world.

Food Whore handles it better than I; I'd probably of called the cops and had his ass arrested for theft:
"And now you want me to cover the cost of not one, but two meals, based on the simple principle that you didn't like something you already knew you didn't like."

"I will gladly remove the cost of the oysters from your tab. But whatever we replace them with will be charged to you. We want you to be happy, but we're not in the business of giving away food based on experimental dining. Ok?"

Will Collier has an unconfirmed scoop:
Radio host and consumer advisor Clark Howard will announce very soon (possibly tomorrow) that he'll be a candidate for mayor of Atlanta in 2009.

Daniel Engber explains what to do if your eyeball falls out:
The treatment for globe luxation is pretty simple: Doctors apply some topical painkillers, hold back your lashes, and poke your eyeball into its socket by pressing on the white part with gloved fingers. (In some cases, they'll use a simple tool like a bent paperclip to shoehorn it back into place.)

David Kopel passes along some exciting religious news. Now if we can work out a compromise on the whole pork thing, I could finally become a Jew:
Irish Jews can now wear chainmail and leather armor: Thanks to an astute reader on a previous post, who pointed out that Ireland has repealed its law, enacted in 1181, which forbade Jews from possessing armor.

Charlie Glassenberg handicaps the NCAA tournament by mascot:
Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Kent State Golden Flashes: Too bad those golden flashes aren’t as accurately aimed as the fire from a National Guardsman’s rifle. Pittsburgh


Anonymous amy said...

I believe Tijuana Joes catch phrase is "Tijuana Joes: the only thing Mexican in this place is the bus boy."

3/17/2006 01:18:00 PM  

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