Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Songs of the 1960s Overview

Wherein we go from the Everly Brothers to the Fifth Dimension

More Details are available.

The 1960s are a big transition decade as music moves from the Mitch Miller type big band harmonies to the blues inspired rock and R&B. Otherwise, culturally and politically, the 1960s were a bit dull. Right?

Who has the most songs listed in the decade? A number of groups chart three songs and these are the only ones with more than three:
Beach Boys - 4
Beatles - 7
Elvis Presley - 5

That looks about right, though I am surprised at how basically lame the Elvis songs were. I would have guessed more songs by Stevie Wonder (1) and the Rolling Stones (2). Perhaps they make more of an impression in the 70s.

Best year: 1964
Worst year: 1960

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1960 D
1961 B+
1962 C+
1963 C
1964 A
1965 B
1966 B
1967 B
1968 B-
1969 B-


Blogger XWL said...

Much of what people think of as 'the 60s' only really lasted from 1967 (The Summer of Love and the June 2nd US release of Sgt. Pepper's) to 1970 (Kent State Shooting, May 4).

1968 (The Summer of Hate) being the big watershed year that started the long downhill descent into the horror that was the 70s.

Most of the calendar decade of the 60s was still in the grip of the 50s (as evidenced by which bands were selling records through those years, as well as the films, and TV from that period).

3/16/2006 05:21:00 AM  

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