Monday, March 13, 2006

You're welcome?

wherein I am sporting a look of mild puzzlement

A couple weeks ago, I didn't understand why "Foxworthy" was showing up on my word cloud. Later, I remembered he was in the celebrity autograph fundraiser email I copied. Great, that mystery is solved.

Then I noticed someone showed up through one of the oddest search terms I've seen: where would someone go to send a personal thank you message to jeff foxworthy.

The word "Foxworthy" shows up twice in all of So Quoted, yet that's enough to get that request here. Search engines are weird.

Then I'm checking email and see the following comment was left on my serendipity post:
I just wanted to Thank Mr. Foxworthy. Two years ago, my friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given one years to live. Him and his wife of 35 years, set out on the road to make some great memories for her to keep. On the way they bought some Jeff Foxworthy tapes and some Red Skelton tapes and laughted themselves along a great road. I have always heard that laughter is a great medicine but this proves it once again. So thank you very much for helping them have a few more memories along lifes highway.
Linda Carritt

I'm glad the tapes helped--the comment leaves it open to interpretation that the cancer was cured--but I'm not Jeff Foxworthy. And I have no idea why anyone would think this site has anything to do with him. I don't know if Jeff still lives in Atlanta, but if he does and I happen to run into him, I'll pass along Linda's kind words. Thanks for stopping by Linda, and good luck with that Community Youth Action Plan.


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