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Lost: What Claire saw

Wherein a number of previous theories get thrown out the window and a few more crop up

Fascinating episode. We got quite a few reveals for this one. I kept writing down what I thought would be new mysteries and then they'd give the answer.

Demolished Theory #1
You know what I've been saying about more than one group of Others? Never mind. Looks like mostly one group and they're into dress up. More down the page.

We got a lot on Ethan. He seemed protective of Claire and somewhat nice. He also seemed a bit unbalanced and had a hard time following directions. He was supposed to infiltrate the Losties and "make a list." Just like Goodwin with the Tailies. The purpose of this list doesn't seem harmful, yet both Ethan and Goodwin displayed no qualms about killing.

Ethan comment subject to much dissecting: "We're good people, we're a family." Yeah, but more like the Waltons or the Mansons?

As we know by Kate's fortuitous locker discovery, his beard was a prop. The clothes were a prop. He appears to be Ethan's superior, but he has to report to someone else. Also, why did he seem to be surprised by the mention of Ethan during the "Hunting Party" episode?

Is everyone convinced that this is Rousseau's daughter? She's a part of the Others and still helps Claire escape. Does she not know her mother is on the island? Stolen as an infant, she may not.

I don't care how good the Others are at hiding, Rousseau's been on the island, what - 18 years? - she should've found some sign of them before.

Henry Gale
Until shown otherwise, I'm going with pure evil. Do not talk to him, he will get in your head faster than that worm in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.

Mr. Eko
Except, I think, for Mr. Eko. I have no idea what was up with him trimming his beard, but we thought Mr. Eko was about to slit his own throat. Mr. Eko was marking trees, now he's cutting them down. I think his confession to Gale got inside Gale's head.

Excuse me, but Locke is completely mind-f*cked. He is twisted around and has lost his bearings. What I'm trying to decide is if his anger at the end is because he is tired of being under Jack's shadow when he knows he should be in charge or because he realized that Gale was manipulating him. Probably a bit of both.

I've read some complaints that Locke has been inconsistent in his actions this season. I disagree. When Lost started we only knew him as a slightly scary survivalist, with a touch of mysticism, capable of just about anything. Through flashbacks, we've learned he's easily manipulated and has anger issues with not being taken seriously. He's seen the island as the opportunity to reinvent himself as he thinks he should be, but sees events turning against him as they always did in the "real" world.

Jack is Jack

The Others
I was assuming that the Others attacking the Tailies were different from Zeke's crew and that Ethan was with the violent gang. This is now wrong. The Others were infiltrating both groups and making lists of the "good ones." Then tried to abduct them.
  • What makes someone good?
  • What's happened to the abducted ones?

The Others do not look to be marooned, they mean to be there. They are well supplied and have contact with others off the island (speculation). After Claire escaped, it looks like they abandoned the medical hatch. Assuming all six hatches are on the island, that leaves three more to be found. For now, I'll assume the Others have moved to one of these hatches. I'm also assuming they are part of a Dharma project and will now refer to them as Dharma--subject to change, of course.

Why did they leave the hatch? Simplest reason is that after Claire left, they felt they'd eventually be found.

Idle Speculation

Why do they hide who they are? The answer to this depends on what the Dharmans are doing and why the Losties are on the island. Did their plane accidentally go off course and crash or were they selected to be on the island? For now, I'm finding it hard to believe that they selected to be on the plane and the plane was made to crash. Just too many coincidences - and like Mr. Eko said "do not mistake coincidence for fate."

I think we're looking at two main reasons for the Dharmans:
  1. The island is a research center and they do not wish to be discovered. The Losties are there accidentally.
  2. The Losties are the subject of the research. Whether they were selected individually or they just happened to be on the plane that was selected remains to be seen.

Maybe Claire's escape was a fiction. Just too convenient. Sympathetic woman breaks her out and we see the operating room in the background. Which would mean Rousseau is in on it. Again, why? Claire wasn't supposed to have suffered amnesia, she was supposed to go back and tell them what happened. Because the Dharmans want the Losties to look for them. I'm pretty much tap dancing here, folks. I don't think the escape is on the up and up, but I need a bit more data to explain why.

Maybe Rousseau is Dharma and her story is false. Always been a possibility. Sixteen-seventeen years on the island and other than her baby being stolen, she's never encountered the Others?

Desmond is with Dharma. I'm leaning that way, though his meeting Jack in the stadium is a direct contradiction of "do not mistake coincidence for fate."

Rose and Bernard. We need more intel on them. I would not be surprised if somehow they are with Dharma. Though Ethan's conversation with Zeke would seem to preclude that. Ethan was found out because he wasn't on the manifest, obviously Rose was on the manifest. Thought - has Hurley checked that all the Tailies are on the manifest?

Libby ain't right. Maybe I'm paranoid but Libby doesn't seem to be who she says she is. Most likely explanation is that she was a patient with Hurley and not a psychologist.

Alvar Hanso. I have read speculation that Alvar Hanso is Locke's kidney stealing father. I again invoke "do not mistake coincidence for fate."

Dead Others
I count four. Ethan, Goodwin, and the two Eko killed. This does not seem to bother the Dharmans.

What the hell is going on?
Speculations of a more spurious nature.
  1. Dharma is researching something that is very dangerous when this airplane falls from the sky. The Dharmans see it as an opportunity to use the Lostians as test subjects.
  2. The plane never crashed. The passengers were drugged and woke up to what they thought was a crash scene. We have seen flashbacks involving the breakup of the plane. This is from the POV of the "survivors" who were brainwashed. This is part the of the Dharma research project or possibly some game where the Lostians are the game pieces. For possible resources, see:


Blogger Ahistoricality said...

I don't watch the show, but the descriptions of factions, etc. that you give reminded me of an old joke:

A Jewish man is stranded alone on a desert island for some years. Later, when he's rescued, he gives the folks who found him a tour: his first hut, the synagogue, the watering hole, the lookout tower, the temple.. "Wait a minute," the visitor exclaims. "What do you need two places of worship for?"
"This is the one I attend," he explains, "I wouldn't set foot in the other one if you paid me!"

3/03/2006 03:37:00 PM  
Anonymous BTD Greg said...

Great post.

Couple of things:

1) Ana-Lucia also killed a female Other on the Tailies' beach, as I recall.

2) Kate says she never blacked out, so based on that, I'm not buying any "the plane didn't really crash" theories.

BTW: March 29: Lost Episode 2.17 - "Lockdown" - A John Locke episode Directed by Darren Aronofsky - I'm so freaking excited, I can hardly stand it.

3/04/2006 02:01:00 PM  

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