Friday, March 03, 2006

Pauly Shore is Dead

Wherein I'm watching a Pauly Shore movie at 3am because my daughter woke up and there was a ladybug in her juice. I think she was more worried about the ladybug's wings getting wet than the contaminated drink, so after getting her a clean glass she went back to sleep and I didn't

Cheaply and amatuerishly shot, this is a faux-documentary about Shore's failed career, attempt to resurrect it, a visit from the ghost of Sam Kinison, and a faked death to increase his popularity, which results in him sharing a prison cell with Todd Bridges. Along the way, it insults everything that made him famous in the first place, along with anyone who ever found the Weez to be funny. It's both a satire of fame and an attempt to create a new Pauly Shore. Maybe it helps watching it at 3am, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It's better than anything that "making copies" guy from SNL has ever made.

I don't necessarily recommend hunting it down, but if you see it listed and you have nothing else to do, give it a shot.

Checking Rotten Tomatoes, Pauly Shore is Dead gets 5.4/10 or "Fresh: 8 Rotten: 9".

From the AV Club, a bad review:
It's a flailing, potty-mouthed exercise in Postmodernism For Dummies that desperately tries to revive Shore's moribund career by satirizing his image as a flailing has-been desperately trying to revive his moribund career.

Positive review:
The film is a good-natured, comic confessional - part autobiography, part fantasy - in which Shore, aka The Wiezel (pronounced weasel), gamely attempts to shed his overbearing goof-off image and come to terms with a career that even he admits has reached something of a pathetic dead end of late.


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